About Us

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Thunder. We share a common bond with all who have served and are serving in the U.S. Military, especially those who enjoy riding motorcycles.

We are committed to celebrating our Warriors on Wheels, and you will find many exciting new projects and initiatives coming from our organization in the coming weeks and months.

On behalf of Wheels of Victory Productions, LLC, it is our pleasure to introduce our major project entitled “Brotherhood of Thunder: The Story of American Warriors and their Motorcycles.” This is a project intended to tell the long-overdue story of the growth of and importance of U.S. military motorcycle clubs and the veterans who ride with them.

You can sign up today and follow our progress as we travel across the country telling the stories of military motorcycle clubs and organizations and those who ride with them.

Your special pre-order of the coming DVD and book will entitle you to online access to the videos and other insider material starting May 1, 2016. Join us today for this exciting and enlightening ride!