Veteran Biker Patches Show Pride In Past And Present Service

The patches that veteran biker groups proudly display on their jackets, clothes, and bikes are symbols of honor. The veterans honor their past service to their country, they honor fallen service men and women as color guards for funerals, and they serve to keep the public aware of the debt of gratitude that is owed to people who risked their lives fighting for others.

The patch that any individual veteran biker group wears is usually representative of the branch of service that the group served in. Part of the patch may be a replica of a military insignia that has special meaning to the men and women that fought with that group. Many of the patches worn by veteran bikers include their country’s flag as a visual reminder of the values and ideals that these brave men and women fought for.

Some veteran biker groups include symbols that express their collective religious beliefs. Other groups opt for a traditional display that is more readily associated with “outlaw” bikers. Skulls, weapons of allkinds, and symbols that identify a state or a country are common veteran biker patches.

There is a certain etiquette involved with veteran biker patches. One does not allow their colors to touch the ground. This is a symbolic adaptation of the regulation that the flag of any nation cannot touch the ground. The demonstration of personal disrespect for a veteran biker’s patch is considered to be disrespect for their service and is often met with stern consequences.

The history of veteran biker patches combines biker history and military history. Every military unit across the world has a distinctive emblem that identifies their unit and the branch of service they belong to. Biker’s patches identified each member of a biker group.

Veteran biker groups have been honoring other veterans since the early 1920s. The popularity of veteran biker patches grew as the availability of motorcycles became more within the financial range of the common person. Some veteran biker groups number in the thousands.

Veteran biker groups and their special patches are not just a United States phenomenon although the custom and practice did begin in the U. S. Veterans from every country in the world proudly display their patches when they ride as groups or as an individual. Love of country and honoring fellow veterans knows no boundaries of race, country, or faith.

Veteran bikers are a frequent and essential reminder of the sacrifice that others have made to protect the freedoms and rights that everyone enjoys. The patch is an expression of the pride that the people who served a nation have in themselves, their unit, their club, and their country.

The patches are a teaching tool for veteran bikers. The patch shows all people what military service means and reminds them of the debt they owe to the living veteran and to the fallen.