Rockie Lynne Music & Brotherhood of Thunder


In a recent press release it was announced that music by the popular singer-songwriter, Rockie Lynne, will be featured in the Wheels of Victory Productions “Brotherhood of Thunder: The Story of American Warriors and their Motorcycles” documentary.

Rockie Lynne, who is a veteran of the United States Army, is a board member of Rolling Thunder and the founder of the national charity, Tribute To The Troops, which is dedicated to bringing support to our Gold Star families. He has appeared nationally on “Good Morning America,” Fox News Network, ABC News and has appeared many times on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry.

As a veteran himself, Rockie Lynne relates well through his music to those who have served and to those who are currently serving. Because of his dedication to our veterans and their families combined with his passion for serving others he has aptly been dubbed ’the Voice of Veterans.’

Every year on Memorial Day weekend Rockie rides into Washington D.C. on his motorcycle to join his brothers in Rolling Thunder as they bring national attention to our POWs/MIAs. He and his band are the featured entertainment on the main stage following Rolling Thunder’s annual “Ride For Freedom” at the Lincoln Memorial.

Rockie Lynne’s collaboration with Brotherhood of Thunder will add depth to the documentary and we look forward to releasing his music within the production.